Dress Up Nights

Did you know you can have private parties at Bell Street? We call it a Dress Up Night! 

You and your friends can have the entire shop to yourselves for an evening to play dress ups - trust us, it’s really fun! 

It can be a great way to choose outfits for an event you’re attending together (like a wedding or birthday party), but most groups just use it as an excuse to spend time together and have fun trying on lots of beautiful (and sometimes ridiculous) vintage clothes.

It’s just like playing in the dress up box as a kid, but with your grown up friends.

We accomodate groups of 2-6 people, with either Ali or Chloe on hand to help with dresses and drinks - we provide a complimentary bottle of champagne (or wine, or beers) on arrival and there’s a liquor store right behind us if you need refills.


Dress up nights are $240 on weeknights or $300 on Saturday nights. If you choose to book any dress rentals on the night, they’ll be 20% off. We can accept bookings for any nights except Tuesdays and Sundays. Your host will depend on staff availability.

They’re really fun and a great idea for Hen's parties or special birthdays - let your friends know!

Why wait for an invitation to get dressed up, when we all know dressing up is the best part?

Email [email protected] or drop into the store to find out more - or if you're ready to book, choose from an available date on our calendar here!